What is Selfycart?
Selfycart is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way of letting you self-checkout while you shop around.
How does it work?
You first download the Selfycart app. Go to the store you want to buy items from and start scanning and adding items to your cart. When you’re ready to checkout, pay using any of the payment options provided. Once you complete payment, scan your digital receipt barcode at the scanner by the exit and you’re all done.
How much does it cost to use Selfycart?
Price is dependent on the location. But typically it is 2% per cart.
Can I return items using Selfycart?
Yes. There are several options for returns. You can remove items from your cart before you buy them. If you've bought an item, return it to a store associate like you normally would for items purchased using the traditional checkout line.
How do I get discounts or apply coupons?
Selfycart automatically applies store discounts that you are eligible to therefore you do not have to clip coupons or swipe/carry loyalty cards. Selfycart also shows you how much you saved before you checkout.
Where is Selfycart available?
Using your mobile devices GPS or the location you enter Selfycart will show you participating stores near you.
How does Selfycart keep my data safe?
Selfycart uses strong encryption/key management and secure development. Stay tuned for more info where we delve deep into our overall security design.
How does Selfycart keep my data private?
The easiest way for us to protect your privacy is to have minimal data about you. Your payment information (Credit Card, PayPal, ApplePay, etc) is never sent to Selfycart servers. All saved payment items are protected with keys that Selfycart keeps on protected on your device.
My device was stolen. Is my Selfycart data safe?
Don’t panic. Selfycart uses trusted device specific security features to protect your data if your iPhone or Android device is lost or stolen. Detail Alert: for iOS we use Keychain or LocalAuthentication.
I got an email from Selfycart. Is it legitimate?
Selfycart using DKIM to protect message sent to you from info@selfycart.com and support@selfycart.com.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a standard that allows Selfycart to sign our email messages and ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and etc) to use those signatures to verify that those messages are legitimate and have not been modified by a third party in transit.

An email message that is sent using DKIM includes a DKIM-Signature header field that contains a cryptographically signed representation of all, or part, of the message. An ISP receiving the message can decode the cryptographic signature using a public key, published in the sender's DNS record, to ensure that the message is authentic. For more information about DKIM, see http://www.dkim.org.
How can I get support for an item which isn't working correctly?
Email support@selfycart.com
I have a great idea and would like to use Selfycart in my app?
The Selfycart REST APIs provides an easy and secure way to enable mobile checkout and mobile payments. You can take advantage of all the great benefits of Selfycart while enabling customers to make checkout with only a few clicks. To use our APIs you will need to get an API key by emailing support@selfycart.com. To see our APIs visit: http://developer.selfycart.com